Software Policy

We use different types of log files to help us administer and secure the 3D Wall. This enables us to detect, investigate and block unauthorised access to our site. It is only possible for staff to access these log files to help administer the 3D Wall if someone is logged in to the 3D Wall.

Access logs will show details of the page requests including IP addresses. The logs are aggregated and details are only shown once they exceed a threshold level of access.

This setting can be set in your wallboard account settings.

If you are monitoring your log files on a regular basis, you can enable email alerts when the threshold level has been exceeded.

In the case where you are monitoring or tracking your email, it is possible to set up email alert messages to be sent when certain conditions are met. This could include if a person has exceeded their monthly billing or if someone is requesting help via email.

The robot.txt file (“robots.txt”) is located in the root directory of this and is used to indicate the files that should not be crawled by the  Google Search engine. Therefore, if Google does crawl this “directly”, no personal information can be extracted from this’s server.

Our utilizes third-party login systems to authenticate the users and protect the system from unauthorized users. All of the third-party services used require a Google account. Only known users can make requests to our system.

Our does use a third-party video service to host videos on our These videos may be used by to display advertising messages. Some of these third-party services can identify your computer’s web browser when you visit our They do this by assigning a unique Google cookie. The data collected can be used to update the advertising content you see on other filesbag.nets you visit as well as target ads to you on our These services typically use first-party cookies to serve these ads.

Your use of the Software is governed by the BSD license.

Software licenses which appear on our filesbag.nets are either gratis software or come at no cost to the end user. This policy states the terms and conditions applicable to Free Software and Freeware licenses. We mention here that
our offer licenses free of charge for certain uses, i.e. for basic tests and appraisals, or to benefit the social economy. There are other free licenses offered, as a matter of interest. Users are therefore advised to familiarize themselves with the conditions applicable to the use of software free of charge, so as not to miss out on any of these commercial products available on our site.